Vernon's Black Diamond Lounge - Schedule


Did you know that Vernon's Black Diamond Lounge is one of the best venues to listen to live music in the state?  We have scheduled amazing live bands all weekend long!

Solo Piano with Bob Tate

SUNDAY - WEDNESDAY, August 10 - 13th at 6pm

Bob Tate is one of New Mexico’s finest solo pianists. Enjoy jazz piano in a true speak easy style.

Sally Townes

THURSDAY, August 14th at 6pm

Sally Townes has been playing keyboards shince she was five. Her professional career began on the West Coast and has taken her to many cities in the United States and around the world. She worked in New Orleans for 22 years, where one sit-down gig at a restaurant on famed Bourbon Street lasted for 9 years! In 2011, she relocated to New Mexico and has been performing at several venues since, from Belen to Santa Fe.

She has 5 albums to her credit. Her last CD, Sundown Blue was nominated in the beginning stages of the Grammy Process in 20007. Google Sally Townes and page after page will come up reflecting this seasoned musician’s lengthy and successful career.

With her extensive repertoire, sultry voice and soulful musicianship, Sally Townes is capable of complementing most any musical setting imaginable.

Summer Nights on the Patio with The Blunns

FRIDAY, August 15th from 6-9pm

Summer Nights on the VIP Patio - Friday and Saturday 6-9! Enjoy our new tapas menu and great drink specials!

Janelle has been performing as a vocalist for various events since her youth. She has performed at festivals and the Idaho State Fair in and around Boise, Idaho. Formerly a member of the Middle Income Houshold Band in Boise, Idaho, and currently member of Stratus Phear here in Albuquerque - She also performs various alternative, jazz, blues, rock and indie selections with her dad Bob providing accompanyment on guitar as The Blunns. Her sultry vocals coupled with Bobs blues-infused guitar work create a unique blend of alternative-jazz/blues/rock sure to provide a sonic delight!


Entourage Jazz

FRIDAY, August 15th at 7:30pm

One of the newest jazz groups to hit Albuquerque, the EJazz Trio (a component of the larger Entourage) will have you remembering the standards of yesterday, while simultaneously enjoying the smooth sounds of today’s contemporary jazz.


Summer Nights on the VIP Patio with TBD

SATURDAY, August 16th from 6-9pm

Summer Nights on the VIP Patio - Friday and Saturday 6-9! Enjoy our new tapas menu and great drink specials!


Sina Soul

SATURDAY, August 16th at 7:30pm

Sina Aurelia Soul is the product of an international marriage between a Native Pacific Islander & a North African Latino. While her mother was a traditional healer, served as a nurse in the US Army and her father was an Naval immunohematolist and chemist, Soul womanifests a synthesized shamanic sound that synthesizes harmonic healing with a soothing of the senses. Soul's proliferation as an international underground icon stems from work as a multi-lingual lyrical activist & multi-instrumental vocalist to Hip Hop Culture educator & lecturing socioethnomusicoloist. In layman’s terms, Soul sings in 8 different languages, is a trained classical pianist, a fierce percussionist and a true JazzMaster of the voice. Described by Raymond Fiore of Entertainment Weekly as “the southwest will not contain the cosmic jazz stylings of sexy, sultry, funky international vocal artist Sina Soul for much longer- she is destined for worldwide fame... her sound and interpretations falling between powerhouses Rochelle Ferrel and Ella with a hint of Tina Turner and a splash of Sade.” Soul’s repertoire encompasses selections by Sade Adu, Norah Jones, Dianna Krall, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Cassandra Wilson, Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Dianna Reeves, Abbey Lincoln, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Randy Crawford, and Nancy Wilson in addition to works by international jazz artists in French, Spanish, Portugese and Italian.

Soul weaves a masterful web of original and cover tunes spotted with lyrical compositions from all 7 continents.  Soul is a Zulu Queen, ordained by Afrika Bambaata, curandera & griot, named Wumei or 'beautiful warrior' by Mokotaidejekan.  She has performed with Rock Steady, Cassandra Wilson, K.R.S.O.N.E., the Roots, Cody Chestnut, Celia Cruz, Ozomatli, DeadPrez, Bahamadia, Ziggy Marley, B.B.King & Zap Mama! as well as toured with Erykah Badu & George Clinton (P-Funk) on the Smoking Grooves Tour ('96).  She attended BROWN University and is a SLAM Poet, author, mc, martial artist and healer in addition to being hailed as the premiere Jazz & Soul vocalist of the Southwest. Soul performs with iconic bassist Rodney Bowe and his RB Jazz trio. Her sounds will soothe and entice you; her scintillating, powerful voice will entrance you and have you coming back for more. Schedule at,, or text “Sina” to 83936 for updates. Vocal samples can be found at or at, video can be found at

Solo Piano with Bob Tate

SUNDAY - WEDNESDAY, August 17 - 20th at 6pm

Bob Tate is one of New Mexico’s finest solo pianists. Enjoy jazz piano in a true speak easy style.

Jazz Brasileiro

THURSDAY, August 21st at 6pm

From Jobim to Joyce, Jazz Brasileiro is synonymous with Brazilian Jazz, playing both classic bossa nova and a wide range of contemporary Brazilian music. The collaboration between guitarist Tony Cesarano and vocalist Debo Orlofsky highlights exquisitely crafted guitar lines and gorgeously haunting melodies sung in Portuguese and English. The guitar/vocal duo adapts this purest form of bossa nova with singular arrangements and voicings.

Tony Cesarano is a professional guitarist originally from New York City. Tony has done much professional work in New York playing a variety of musical styles from pop and rock to classical and his favorite, jazz. His professional work includes Broadway shows, recordings, and musical tours. He is known by many for his 28 years of playing for the Rockettes at Radio City Musical Hall. 

Debo Orlofsky has been a mainstay on the Albuquerque music scene for 25 years. A veteran vocalist of both rock and world-beat bands, Debo's honeyed alto has graced many local projects including the seminal alternative sounds of Splinter Fish, the African dance music of Animal Opera, and the sweet country blues of Alpha Blue. 

Tony and Debo bring their passion for the Brazilian repetoire to each performance. If you ask them what their favorite song is, they'll tell you it's the one they're playing.


Summer Nights on the Patio with Todd Tijerina

FRIDAY, August 22nd from 6-9pm

Summer Nights on the VIP Patio - Friday and Saturday 6-9! Enjoy our new tapas menu and great drink specials!

For the last fifteen years singer/songwriter/guitarist, Todd Tijerina (Tee-her-ee-na), has steadily made a living playing his unique blend of blues, funk, roots-rock and jazz. In addtion to frequent tours of the central and southwestern United States with his band, Todd has worked as guitarist for Chicago-based artists such as internationally revered bluesman, Byther Smith, the legendary Harmonica Hinds, and BB's daughter, Shirley King. Currently based in Albuquerque, NM, though originally from Chicago, the band is a former winner of Chicagoland's Rory's Blues Talent Competition (1999). This victory funded recording expenses for the group's 2000 release, The Lowdown. Since then Tijerina has released three more albums, Welcome Home in 2004, Now in 2006, and Walk This Road in 2009 which have enjoyed radio play in the US, Australia and Europe.

Todd has always striven to be musically unique. Rootstime (Belgium) declares that he "creates his own style and sound… His manner of guitar playing, singing and songwriting is refreshing and inspiring." The Promised Land Entertainment Magazine states "[Tijerina's] newest release is a perfect example of how to take the old and mix in the new to get a feeling of something very special." Todd's unique sound is a result of his own take on songwriting with an emphasis on maintaining potent hooks, personal identity and grooves that cross genre lines. This approach helps explain his musical contribution's relevancy to blues as an evolving art form.

Chava & Paid My Dues Rhythm & Blues

FRIDAY, August 22nd at 7:30pm

Chava & Paid My Dues Rhythms & Blues have been performing in New Mexico for the past three years. The group consists of accomplished artists:

Dave Clausen     - Guitar & Vocals
Alyson Steinman –  Bass Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Baker   –  Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Chava             -  Lead Vocals & Percussion.
Chava has an amazing voice and her voice has a unique presence. She can belt out clear, unembellished tones as well as the guttural Jazz/Blues voice most associated with New Orleans and New York City. Chava is an experience!

With the exceptional musicianship of David Clausen, Alyson Steinman  and Nicholas Baker blending  tasty vocal harmonies to much of their repertoire. Paid My Dues Rhythms and Blues is unforgettable. From the Tap Roots of the early Blues Era to the present day, Paid My Dues Rhythms and Blues will take you on a musical, historical journey of what is a great American art form to be proud of………


Summer Nights on the Patio with Oscar Butler

SATURDAY, August 23rd from 6-9pm

Summer Nights on the VIP Patio - Friday and Saturday 6-9! Enjoy our new tapas menu and great drink specials!

Guitarist, singer, songwriter Oscar Butler is someone you need to see and hear to believe. His smooth voice sliding from mid- baritone to the lower end of tenor range warms and relaxes your senses like a long slow herbal massage. Born in New York City then raised from the age of 3 in Orange County, NY. Oscar began playing guitar at the age of 9. He played his first live competition at the age of twelve at a local county fair. The following year he won a talent show at the school he was attending in Goshen, NY.

About eighteen months after his high school graduation he attended the State University of New York college at Cortland, NY, where he studied music theory with a concentration on performance, but became discourage at “true” talent that he felt he lacked. Because of this he dropped music as his major and switched to computer science focusing on programming. He put his guitar and dreams down. But they wouldn’t stay down for very long.

Six years later and married Oscar “the musician” resurfaced in Boston, Massachusetts as a busker. It was on those streets, markets and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority subway platforms that Oscar began honing and perfecting his musical and performance skills. Surrounded by students of one of the finest schools in contemporary music, Berklee College of Music, Oscar had to believe in himself and in his abilities as a musician.


He overcame his fears and doubts about his talent because of the responses that he received from captivated listeners. Oscar was also sought out by a reporter to be included in an article in the Boston Globe about subway performers. In 1990 Abigail Joy, Oscar’s first of three daughters was born, and not wanting to raise her in the city of Boston, packed the family up and moved to Albuquerque, NM where over the years he has built a large fan base from performing in restaurants, bars, private parties and festivals.

The DCN Trio

SATURDAY, August 23rd at 7:30pm

An exciting and versatile trio, DCN’s repertoire has earned a reputation for the vast variety of songs they perform.  With refined talent, they adapt with ease to a wide range of genres including Jazz Standards, Bossas, R&B, Funk, and Soul Classics.   Their unique and innovative arrangements add an astonishing level of sophistication.


Solo Piano with Bob Tate

SUNDAY - WEDNESDAY, August 24 - 27th at 6pm

Bob Tate is one of New Mexico’s finest solo pianists. Enjoy jazz piano in a true speak easy style.

TK Duel

THURSDAY, August 28th at 6pm

When Tony and "Kcool" met, they were searching for something; and it happens that they both had what the other was seeking. Tony coming from a jazz tradition and was looking to incorporate Smooth Jazz and funkiness into his repertoire and "Kcook" was looking to add jazz to his repertoire and having the FnB/funk background. Thus the friendship began and the musical bond started.

Tony Rodrigues, from Bridgeport, Connecticut was a protégé of Legendary jazz Pianists Walther Bishop Jr. and Johnny O'Neil. Tony developed his style to include all he has lived, seen and heard. Tony brings pianist skills to the stage drawing from the audience's energy and putting it into the musical performance.

Richard Hall aka "Kcool" from Detroit, Michigan was classically trained on the piano. Switching to bass and understanding groove, plus utilizing his writing/arranging skils he has remained a busy bassist. A former Bo Diddley bassist, "Kcool" has performed with several acts of all genres. Now adding Upright Bass to his arsenal, the Peterson/Brown aura with Tony makes them a formative tandem.


Summer Nights on the VIP Patio with The Rudy Boy Experiment

FRIDAY, August 29th from 6-9pm

Summer Nights on the VIP Patio - Friday and Saturday 6-9! Enjoy our new tapas menu and great drink specials!

In 2011, The Rudy Boy Experiment released their second national album Volume 2, which included a compilation of previous indie singles from the group. This release was supported by a west coast tour which included high profile stage performances at SXSW and Las Vegas. Rudy Boy's effortless promotions include many high profile radio interviews nationwide, ranging from Fox Sports Radio to NPR, and as a regular on 94 Rock's morning show in Albuquerque. Rudy Boy also enjoyed an endorsement deal from Reverend Guitars, which provided a platform to show off his Volcano on tour.

In 2011, Rudy was successful spearheding the 1st Annual DSN Music Blues Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rudy's single As The Cursor Blinks was featured in the DSN Music compilation album Soundtrack to the End Times.

Bob Andrews

FRIDAY, August 29th at 7:30pm

For over 45 years Bob Andrews has played keyboards all over the world and has been a local treasure in New Orleans since 1992.  He has played on over 1,000 recordings and has engineered and produced recordings for over 50 artists.  Bob grew up in the thick of the 60's and 70’s British music scene and played keyboards for Nick Lowe, Graham Parker and the Rumour, Brinsley Schwarz and many other bands. Bob has played regularly at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival over the past 20 years as a sideman, for John Mooney, Alex McMurray, and Johnny Sansone.  His keyboard gymnastics and high energy performances electrify crowds making him a favorite on stage.  Bob played keyboards on all tracks of Marianne Faithfull’s 2011 CD “Horses and High Heels”.  in 2006 Bob released the first of two solo CDs, “In New Orleans”, a collection of New Orelans R&B and blues songs, and “Chills and Fever” in 2011, when he played all the instruments and which featured some of his own compositions. Bob has been a featured artist for WWOZ Piano Night and is a frequent guest on WWOZ radio.  He recently recorded a reunion CD, entitled “Three Chords Good” with Graham Parker and the Rumour, which was released in November 2012 to co-incide with the band's appearance in the new movie by Judd Apatow, “This is 40” starring Paul Rudd. Bob's CD "SHOTGUN", a collaboration with a book of the same name by RKR-CB, was independently released in April 2012. The second in the series with RKR, "INVISIBLE LOVE", was released on November 21st 2012. On it, each song highlights a different music venue or other cool place in New Orleans that is off the beaten track and so it can be used as a fun guide to the city. Bob has just put our a new Kickstarter campaign, BOB ANDREWS SETS THE HAMMOND ON FIRE!!! and is currently touring with Graham Parker and the Rumour on the East Coast.


Summer Nights on the VIP Patio with Mélange

SATURDAY, August 30th from 6-9pm

Summer Nights on the VIP Patio - Friday and Saturday 6-9! Enjoy our new tapas menu and great drink specials.

Melange is a duo made up of Monique Candelaria and Matthew Harrell.

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s rising star, Monique Candelaria, is a native New Mexican showing her amazing talents all over the world and hypnotizing her audience with her abundance of strength and beauty. Since Graduating from the University of New Mexico in 2009 she has shown her ability to manipulate her self-image and make a name for herself by being cast in 4 full-featured films in the last two years. Her repertoire includes a 1940’s period film called “Bless me, Ultima” directed by Carl Franklin, “Ten Year” staring Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson and Justin Long, as well as a horror film called “The Banshee Chapter” being ranked 4th on the character cast list as the mentally corrupt antagonist due to chemical experimentation. Her most recent accomplishment is being cast in the award winning television series Breaking Bad for the #501 episode titled “Live Free or Die.” On her time off she has been modeling for Siren Audio Studios for the audio book covers ”Sid Guy Private Eye” and “Sin Temer La Noche” which is Albuquerque’s first audio cinema providing a full cast list of local actors to narrate each book. She has also reached as far as the UK with her beauty by gracing the cover, “Seven Point Eight” written by Marie Harbon from Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England. Besides her talent to act and model she has shown her amazing vocal range by singing a variety of music with only vocals and a guitar in the duo “Mélange.” One thing is clear; this is only the beginning of a prosperous journey that will captivate the world around her.

Matthew Harrell was born with a love of music.  His mother would tell him stories of how he as an infant, lying in front of the stereo, would try to match pitch with the music. He started on saxophone in the 5th grade and played through college at LSU.  There he earned his B.A. in Music Education.  He first picked up a guitar towards the end of high school when he became tired of waiting to play a solo while everyone else was jamming.  His older brother taught him a few chords and he never looked back.  Guitar took center stage and after playing in several bands in Baton Rouge, La. he moved to Los Angeles to chase his rock and roll dreams. After three years in L.A., he returned to Baton Rouge to rejoin his old band.  They played together until he and his girlfriend moved to Albuquerque to follow her job opportunity.  They got married in 2005 and started a family.  After almost a decade of not playing on stage, Matt is excited to start gigging again.


Toney Rocks

SATURDAY, August 30th at 7:30pm

Currently promoting his upcoming release, Toney Rocks: The Self Titled EP, TONEY ROCKS dives into the abyss of progressive, blues rock music, pushing the culture forward by delivering a bold hybrid of blues, and rock music peppered with electronic elements. He isn't just another guitar slinging bluesman. Toney Rocks conscious penmanship reveals a poet that identifies with todays struggles and triumphs such as poverty, love, and self-liberation. He writes for the people, as a voice of the people who can't be heard.

Considered an epitome of the do-it-yourself musician, Toney Rocks records and produces the music featured in his solo shows from the ground up. In fact, there is no part of the Toney Rocks operation that he doesn't touch.  Born to Live Free, released in 2012, continues to enjoy airplay both in the US and abroad. His sound has been compared to the soulful sounds of Robert Cray and fusion of Jean Luc Ponty.


Solo Piano with Bob Tate

SUNDAY - WEDNESDAY, August 31st - September 3rd at 6pm

Bob Tate is one of New Mexico’s finest solo pianists. Enjoy jazz piano in a true speak easy style.